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October 07, 2008



I am trying to go on your website to order get well cookies but it wont pull up. Are you still in business?

Pamela Keenliside

I cannot find your bouquets in the box dress up to look like flowers


I wanted to order the rocking horse with cookies for a newborn. Are you in business?


Looks great..Can we order these?

flavia Colombo-Abdullah

Hi, are you still in business? I wanted to order a bouquet of cookies, but can't find a number for you.


how can i order

Lori Campbell

I wanted to place an order. I have ordered from your company for a number of years. Are you still in business?

Shirlene Tranmer

Please respond, I want to order a personalized rocking horse. Are you still taking orders? Please advise asap

Dot Creech

I am trying to order a rocking horse for a newborn - I cannot find any info to place my order. I have ordered rocking horses for each of my grandchildren in the past. Please advise what to do.

Dot Creech

Joan Elkon

I want to order a rocking horse as a new born gift - is this still available?



Andrea Soares

I would love to get some of those, look really tasty

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Facebook Gifts

Find the gifts your friends really want using Gifzer and Facebook!


Just where maybe you’ve discovered the resource meant for this kind of article? Magnificent studying I have subscribed to your feed.

Gift Baskets

Very responsible of you. It is great when you can use eco-friendly packaging and alternatives.

Raela Drigger

Going green is one of the best ways to sell products nowadays. I bet Mother Nature would be smiling while you guys prosper. I hope this serves as an example to people who plan on starting their own business. I should try your cookies one day. How long have you been in this business?


how can i order the cookies?

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